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The Feelies

the feelies reunion @ maxwell's

Last night’s Feelies reunion was tremendous. It was a gorgeous night in Hoboken, and after stopping at the Elysian Cafe for dinner (where they shot the murder scene in Sleepers!), Lisa and I were the first people to arrive in Maxwell’s tiny back room. Excited much? We chose our spot on the risers, so we could see better. We were also right in front of the speaker, and I think I’ve lost about 50% of my hearing. Oh well. It was a good run.

The crowd was mellow, really into the music and about 98% male. Put it this way — when Lisa and I had to pee, there was no line at the women’s room. I KNOW. The show was completely perfect. When the band came on stage, I thought, “My god, they got old.” And then they started playing and…they weren’t. They were just the same as I remember. During a break, Brenda asked the crowd, “So, what have you been doing for the past 17 years?” and someone responded, “Waiting.” As I looked around the room during the first set, most of the people were standing there bopping their heads to the driving music with their eyes closed, completely transported. It was really cool to see (when my own eyes weren’t closed, that is).

Standing directly in front of us was the guy who wrote that NYTimes article I linked to yesterday. To our right, a Village Voice writer. A few feet away? Ira from Yo La Tengo. And way in the back, exuding heat waves of sexy, Dean Wareham. We spent the night in VERY good company, I’d say.

the feelies reunion @ maxwell's
Glenn Mercer, Stan Demeski, Bill Million, Brenda Sauter (not pictured: Dave Weckerman)

the feelies reunion @ maxwell's
Brenda Sauter (who Lisa enjoyed a nice chat with earlier, about their shared hometown of Oakland, NJ)

the feelies reunion @ maxwell's
Glenn Mercer, Bill Million, Brenda Sauter (not pictured: Dave Weckerman, Stan Demeski)

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  1. Awesome pics! Even awesome-r show!

  2. Again, so jealous you got to see this. Maybe they’ll do a small tour and play Chicago?? Since you mentioned Dean Wareham, was Britta with him? And have you read his book? It’s called “Black Postcards” and it’s a memoir of sorts about his life and times with Galaxie 500 and Luna. It’s great read.

  3. I’ve been meaning to pick up “Black Postcards,” but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve heard it’s good.

    I didn’t notice Britta, but I was also very busy trying to prevent myself from walking up to him and LICKING HIS FACE.

  4. It was an absolutely perfect set, so much better than anyone could have anticipated. Did you happen to take any pictures of the soundboard area where I had my mics raised high?
    Thanks for the excellent photos. I have a less-well-written review at my site along with the recording.

  5. nyctaper, I didn’t get any photos of the back of the room, although I wanted to. I neglected to pack my low-light lens and I didn’t want to snap the flash in everyone’s eyes.

    Off to your site now, thanks!!!

  6. You’ve seen some great shows lately! I will try to top them all with my Rock Band singing tomorrow night. :)


  8. Jay looked at these photos and kept saying WOW!!! WOOOOOW!!! Holy crap Bill was there?! BRENDA WAS SO COOL WITH HER RAT TAIL IN THE 80′s! And then moaned a lot. He is tres jealous.

  9. A bottle rocket accidentaly went off in my bathing suit.

  10. Anyone get setlists for any of the shows? I’m gonna have to go to America to see them if they don’t play here ever.

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