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Temporarily Derailed

My return to roller derby has not progressed the way I had hoped. A bad case of bronchitis caused me to miss two practices, then a snowstorm closed the rink this past Friday. I was practically out of my mind with excitement to get back to practice on Sunday. I got there early to suit up. Even though I was still suffering from the after-effects of my bronchitis, I knew to do just what I could and not push it too hard. I just wanted to be on skates again.

I did my warm up laps, worked on a few stops, and then we did a partner paceline. No problems. After that we did some fast footwork that actually caused me to have an asthma attack. Boo. But I got through it and jumped back in for the next drill, which was a one-on-one jammer/blocker drill.

After about my fifth time through the drill, I lost my balance at the end and took a fall. And I couldn’t get up. I had rolled my ankle and holy shit it hurt. I tried to get up but realized I couldn’t put any weight on it at all. One of the refs came over and said, “Yeah, I saw you fall and your ankle went all weird.”

I figured I’d just ice it for a while and then go home. Long story short, I ended up the ER because the pain was just unbearable. Once I took my sock off, my ankle looked like a baseball! After x-rays, they determined it’s just a bad sprain. I’m thankful it’s not broken but man, this is some serious pain. I have no painkillers and I just can’t escape it. I didn’t sleep last night. And every time I think about the time I will have to spend away from derby — after just coming back! — to heal, I get all weepy and upset. But of course I’ll go back. My derby family is so good to me. My teammate River Slam and one of our refs, Andy, accompanied me to the ER and then my teammate Kim drove over when she found out I was there. They stayed with me until my mom got there and kept me laughing. This sport owns my heart, even though it’s trying to destroy my body.

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  1. I hope you get some good pain meds and heal quickly!!

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