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Springsteen + Arcade Fire

Wow. Bruce Springsteen, joined by members of Arcade Fire, performing AF’s “Keep the Car Running” at last night’s Ontario show.

Bruce Stringsteen and Arcade Fire – Keep the car running
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Now THIS, Bon Jovi, is how you stay relevant.warning: audio has some obscenities – not from the band; from the very excited audience

[more at stereogum]

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  1. coincidentally, this is one of dave grohl’s favorite songs (

    this performance is a great example of how music has the power to be transcendent, as opposed to pure foo (see bon jovi)

    thanks for posting this. it made my month.

  2. When I hear this song, all I can think of is John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, thanks to Betty Rocker.

  3. and, of course, “on the darkside” sounds nothing like “she’s the one” or “what i like about you”

  4. my (sarcastic new jerseyan) missed point was: all music is ripped off. there’s only so many tempos, chords, rhythms, etc. the intro to “on the darkside” is a blatant rip-off of “bruce (as was the entire beaver brown catalog) and when the song kicks in it sounds exactly like “what i like about you” (which of course is a rip-off of probably 20 other songs)

  5. Your point wasn’t missed; I just thought it was condescending.

  6. wasn’t meant to be. sorry.

    man, being from new jersey has gotten me into trouble my entire life — when i went to school in the midwest i was often asked, “why do you hate me” and here i always thought i was just being witty. unfortunately, my jerseyistic ways of expressing myself don’t always translate, even to fellow jerseyites, i guess. or have i lived in nyc too friggin’ long?!?

  7. I get a lot of that, too – “I always thought you didn’t like me.”

    I took your post to mean, “Oh, you naive people, thinking that John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band are so damn original. Here, let me teach you about music.”

    Sorry. I’m just in a bad mood today and didn’t catch your tone. No harm, no foul! :)

  8. Awesome. Now I understand why I like Arcade Fire so much–not because they sound like the E Street Band but because they sound like another Jersey band: The Feelies. I’m listening to Crazy Rhythms right now and the similarities are surprising. Either that or I’m so old that everything is starting to sound the same to me.

  9. Man! I would have been validated, had they covered “on the darkside” and went into “keep the car”…


  10. awwwww, gee, thanks. and thanks to you too lisa for apparently being my new friend…

  11. Lisa is friends with everyone. :)

  12. I am bummed that I missed the two Philly shows- I just can’t wait until the 2 LA shows at the end of this month.

  13. Yay for Ottawa! Jay nearly fainted with glee when he watched this.

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