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One More Try

So, I gave it some thought and realized I missed roller derby too much. Five months away gave me some rest and hopefully a little bit of clarity.

I decided to go back to the team, for fun and for exercise. To do what I can and try not to beat myself up over the things I can’t. And to stay removed from the sort of bullshit (and people) that drove me away in the first place.

Last night was my first practice back. It was a mixed bag for me. I had some trouble with a couple of drills but nothing terrible. I did have to drop from a paceline (it was going at a pretty good speed) relatively quickly, but I kept skating with some others around the outside instead at a pace that I could manage but still feel like I was working. My asthma acted up a bit, and I’m finding that I get some crazy piercing short-term headaches during high physical exertion (if you follow me on FB or Twitter, you know I have a big problem with headaches lately). One was so bad that I had to stop for a few minutes to get some air and splash water on my face. After that I went right back in.

We did a quick few jams at the end of practice. Praise to the high heavens that the 2013 WFTDA rules have done away with the fucking knee start!

It was great to meet the newer skaters, latest batch of freshies, and see the progress everyone’s made since I’ve been gone. We’ve lost a lot of skaters to injury, transfers and leaves of absence, which makes me really sad. But I guess life goes on.

I’m a little sore today from taking a few tumbles and hits last night, and I have another practice again tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes…

Photo Credit: Sean Hale/Hale Yeah

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I was leading the damn paceline and it was too much for me. At a few points Salty started gaining on me from behind. I would try to slow down and then I would get yelled at to speed it up. It was all so confusing. Worst warmup. Seriously.

  2. On the way home, I was all, “I HATE WHEN JAMMERS LEAD THE PACELINE!”

  3. Kick it in the ass, babe.

  4. So proud of you!

  5. Nothing to be proud of. I quit, I missed it, I came back. Curious to see how my elderly body will hold up, though!

  6. So, not to be a downer, it is more curiosity, but with all your kidney issues, how is your doctor okay with you going back to this?

  7. I haven’t talked to her, actually. She told me the last time I saw her that I didn’t really have anything to worry about and didn’t tell me to refrain from anything, other than anti-inflammatories. It’s something I should keep cognizant of, though, I suppose. I’ve been so distressed with these headaches that I actually forgot about my kidneys, ha ha.

  8. You go, Freakgirl!

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