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Melanie Martinez Fired

My friend’s kids really enjoy “The Goodnight Show” on Sprout. It’s very sweet – it’s on every evening for three hours (the bedtime hours) and there’s this cute girl host who shows cartoons and does crafts and calms everyone down for sleepy-time. Until she was fired. Apparently she appeared in some questionable videos before she got the Sprout job. Oops. Here’s one of the videos [NSFW!]. It’s actually pretty funny. Hang in there, Melanie!

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  1. That is so stupid. John Lithgow has starred in lots of roles where he plays a pretty vile character, but nobody minds when he sings delightful children’s songs and entertains the kiddies.

  2. I know. I guess she’s the one who told them that the videos had surfaced…and seriously, she’s not even naked or anything. It sucks that she has to lose her job over a dumb little one-minute video she did years ago.

  3. And guess who produced the Technical Virgin videos? My buddies John Ordover and David Mack, the Star Trek writers. And boy, do they feel bad that she’s paying for what was just a fun little video she made back when she wanted to go into comedy.

    I guess they never heard of George Carlin before (or after) he became Mr. Conductor at PBS. Asshats.

  4. I just keep thinking of my poor little friend, who every night says, “Melanie? Watch Melanie?”

    As my mom stated earlier today, “No, honey, Melanie got canned for talking about anal sex.”

  5. Support Melanie sign the petition


    thank you

  6. I get more irritated about this the more I think about it. What a joke. I hope she finds another job, a better one.

  7. That vid was hi-larious. Sucks she got canned. Maybe she should go on Rocketboom if that new chick doesn’t work out.

  8. She should have never told the truth —cause it was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.
    Greater Czarina, your right about Carlin.

  9. If you disagree with Sprout’s decision, contact Sandy Wax, the network President. Her telephone number is 215-667-2750

  10. I don’t think that she should have been fired. Who cares what she did in the past. We all have a past. I am sure there are some creators, editors, producers,etc that have a past worse than that. Are they going to be fired too? My family really liked Melony. I want her back.

  11. WE are so sad and are glad others agree that this was a dumb mistake to fire her. I may understand more if she was making porn. WE may switch tv networks wich doesn’t have Spout.

    I would still let my children watch yoiu Melanie. We miss you!

  12. I really hope they bring her back. Kids don’t understand why she isn’t on any more. She wasn’t naked or even dressed scantilyclad. We miss her.

  13. All I know is that my 4yr old daughter misses Melanie or Lemoney as she calls her. This is an injustice and it’s only hurting very young children. Shame on PBS Sprout!!

  14. Our twin 21 month olds are missing Melonie. She was their bedtime ritual.

    Melonie’s comic short was like something you would see on Saturday Night Live. Maybe she will land a guest appearance and spoof PBS!!!!

  15. Vent your frustations! Contact PBS @

    Make PBS feel rage. Boycott their sponsors and don’t donate to PBS.

  16. I am very disappointed in the firing of Melanie Martinez. My son loved watching her on the Good Night Show. Her replacement on the Good Night Show gives me the creeps and I will not let him watch it anymore. I have sent an email to Sprout expressing my displeasure with Melanie’s firing and that they have lost us as viewers unless Melanie is re-instated. I don’t care for the video she made but I don’t find it to be worthy of getting fired.

  17. My family has spoken to several of the channel’s sponsors, as well as the network’s people. What kind of country are we living in where we would stand for this sort of censorship? It’s just another small step in these craftily waged battles to eventually strip us of each and every one of our freedoms, a little at a time.

  18. bring back melanie!!!!!!

  19. I’M FLABERGHASTED! My sister watches this show all the time, it’s not like they care what melanie did before she was on the goodnight show. It’s horrible.
    I agree, BRING BACK MELANIE!!!!

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