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LOL I Am Not From Tennessee

All my crying about OB tampons results in me being interviewed for ABC News.

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  1. Even better? The video that accompanies the story? It’s not about The OB Tampon shortage, it’s about a dude who found a tampon in his food at the Waldorf Astoria.

  2. Wow – what a mess of an article with random links & videos to boot… LOL But very cool that you got featured. :-)

  3. You gotta love these automated “related posts and videos” things. Hilarious. Read the comments, too. People are simply appalled that I talk about MY PERIOD in public.

  4. OMG, I hadn’t read the comments. HILARIOUS! People are a trip.

  5. My favorite (cut and pasted verbatim): “can you say RELY”

  6. Really – that was your favorite? Mine was: “This is all Sarah Palins and George Bush’s fault. Their hate speech is why this happened.”

    HA HA!!!!!!

  7. So great. And those comments are ridiculous.

  8. That is too funny!

  9. O.B. better sign you up as their new spokesperson!

  10. My favorite comment was “Good Lord, tampons for Christmas!”

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