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Well, it turns out my ankle isn’t just sprained — it’s fractured. And because I’m awesome, I fractured it in such a way that the doctor just can’t boot it or cast it. I need to stay off it for six more weeks. Crutches and a soft cast for me. Being nearly immobile is driving me batshit. I’m still in considerable pain and the doc wants me resting (on my back, foot raised) as much as possible. Obviously work makes this very difficult, but I can work at home and take breaks. I don’t really have a choice.

Hoping once the pain abates, I can try driving, since the injury is to my left ankle and I have an automatic. And find someone to go with me everywhere to help me carry things :)

I can’t even think about skating right now. It makes me too sad.

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  1. That totally sucks. Sucks! Sucky sucks.

    I’ve wanted to ask this question and never do because I don’t know if there’s a way to ask it without sounding like a jerk, so am hoping that if present it with the disclaimer that I am in no way trying to be a jerk, or judgmental, but am just sincerely curious, that that will help…

    Your injuries, and the injuries I’ve heard about from other women in roller derby, are exactly the reason why I could never get into the sport, or, really, any high impact sport. So I am always curious what it is about the sport that makes it worth the risk of injury? What does one get out of roller derby that can’t be gotten out of, I don’t know…something with a little less potential for the hurting?

    And I suppose that’s a question that can be asked of anyone that plays any kind of sport, so I’m not sure why the answer from a roller derby player interests me more. Maybe because it is such a female-driven sport, and one of the more “dangerous” female-driven sports?

    Anyway, I hope that didn’t come across as judgy, because it totally isn’t. I really want to know what it is that is drawing so many women to a sport that can result in a lot of pain…

  2. Well, I could have gotten the same injury tripping off a curb.

    I think, though, the lure of roller derby is multi-fold — it’s a female-driven sport, it relies heavily on teamwork, it helps channel aggression (therapy), and it’s a DIY- and alternative-themed sport that attracts some really interesting people.

    Really, any high-impact sport can result in a lot of pain. You just don’t see a lot of women participating in them.

    And the most common “injury” in roller derby is pregnancy.

  3. Ha, yeah. I hear you on the risk of injury just existing can lead to. I was hit by a car while standing at a bus stop, so you never know when shit like that can go down!

    I’ve always been attracted to roller derby because I’ve always loved roller skating, and I like the all women aspects of it. But it’s the fear of getting hurt that’s kept me away, and off skates for years and years. Which is kinda sad.

  4. You were hit by a car?! Holy shit!

    Fear of being injured is what causes a lot of injury in the first place. You gotta go balls out or you’ll end up doing something like dragging your foot or falling wrong and BAM you’re hurt. But honestly, bad injuries aren’t super common. I may have come back too soon after my bronchitis and my body may have been a little too weak. It was just a freak fall.

    I’ve taken monster hits where I’ve flown up in the air and slammed into the ground, and popped right back up and continued playing. It’s just all matter of how you fall, where your head is, etc. I’m not happy this happened but I’m lucky it wasn’t worse. :)

  5. If you are afraid of getting hurt, look into reffing. No contact but still all the fun.

  6. The getting hit by a car thing was years ago. Guy ran a red light, lost control, and plowed into a bus stop filled with people. Sent about 10 to the hospital, some with broken bones. All I got was whiplash, so I was lucky. But yeah. Shit can happen anywhere.

    I live in San Francisco, and there are several roller derby teams around here. I may think about the reffing thing, that’s a good tip!

  7. And I hope you’re getting some relief from the pain today!

  8. I finally got some painkillers, so I’m feeling a bit better. Definitely look into reffing if you’re still interested in derby. Most teams will help you learn how to skate again (if you need to) and will definitely teach you everything you need to be safe. Plus vertical stripes are slimming! ;)

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