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red velvet

Last night Beth and Lisa came over to celebrate (belatedly) Beth’s birthday. Recipes and details after the jump!

Per her request, I made Beth some red velvet cupcakes. The cakes came out wonderfully; usually red velvet cupcakes end up being rather dry. These were moist and yum. I topped them with a marshmallow buttercream frosting (although I didn’t actually use any butter). The cake recipe is from Martha Stewart — here’s the link. The recipe will make 2 dozen. Also, I don’t use as much food coloring as the recipe calls for. Do yourself a favor and buy some of the super-concentrated gel color. Then you can get the color without the cake tasting like food coloring.

I also made a big batch of Guinness & Cheddar soup. OMG, you guys. SO GOOD. Here’s the recipe I used. I omitted the bay leaf, btw. And cook the vegetables a bit longer than the recipe says; closer to ten minutes. Also, before I added the cheese, I took an immersion blender and pureed the soup. I think it improved the dish a lot, giving it a creamy and bisque-like texture. I also made a double-batch and everyone got leftovers, including us. Mmmmm, cheese soup.

After several glasses of wine, I wrapped up my evening by enjoying a videochat with Maggie. And then slept like the dead. All in all, a good night!

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  1. Videochat? Really? I need to start doing that. Like right now.

    Those cupcakes look mmmm…. We’re actually making sushi cupcakes today in the shop for April Fool’s Day. The kids think they’re making some regular craft, but we’re sending them home with happy boxes of sugar, just in time for dinner. You’re welcome, parents.

  2. Sushi cupcakes! Please take photos!

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