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Celebrities Who STILL Smell Bad

Remember two years ago, we did a post about Celebrities Who Probably Smell Bad? And then last November, we saw a similar article on another website? Well, guess what? [thanks to camille for alerting me]

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  1. Oh, you just know Brit Brit hasn’t been smelling like a flower for a while now.

  2. ok, so i can agree with everyone on the list except johnny depp. how can they think he smells like anything but heaven?

  3. I still wonder about Fabio and his scent.

  4. Eeek, the word “scent” when used to describe humans totally gives me the shudders.

  5. i’m pretty sure fabio still smells like smashed goose.

  6. Mr. Louis Vuitton ( Keith Richards ) must smell old and gross.

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