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Roller Derby Still Owns My Soul

My ankle is still not healed, but that didn’t stop my derby sisters from putting me on the bout poster for this Saturday!! This is my new team (Corporal Punishers) versus my old team (Hellrazors). Should be a great matchup.


Me, Again

I started a “roller fitness” class yesterday. Getting back on skates did wonders for my mood, although my muscles are killing me today. Overall lately I’ve been feeling good. I got through Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage (lost power for a few days, was frightened out of my wits during the storm). My office was closed for a week but today I am back to work and things are pretty much back to normal for me. So far, so good…

If you want to help with relief efforts from the storm, please click here to donate to the Red Cross. So many people have lost so much.


Last Bout of the Season


Feature in the Morristown Patch

OMG it’s ME!


My Next Bout

Yep, it’s against my old team. Bring it.


Riot on the Dance Floor

This is where I spent most of the late 80s/early 90s. Amazing.


Last Day of Vacation

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Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

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New Jerzey Derby Brigade Website

We redesigned our website! I was part of the redesign team, so I hope you like it.


Jerzey Derby Brigade

My fantastic roller derby team at this past weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. [photo courtesy of Sean Hale]