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Amy Sedaris Cooks With Bong Water

Amy Sedaris appeared on Martha Stewart yesterday, demonstrating how to make her Lil’ Smokie Cheese Ball (Maggie and I made one last year, look). Thank you, Amy, from the bottom of my heart, for making Martha say “bongwater.”

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  1. Darn! I thought that was a repeat of her last appearance. I’ll have to look at Martha’s website because she used to have the last episode up there and yeah I know that just shutup.

    She really said “bongwater”?

  2. Click the link for video.

  3. Dudes, the woman has done time. She’s probably got a great recipe for raisin jack!

  4. Hugh, I agree. Lady is lying. She’s not only heard of bongwater, but disagrees and thinks A1 is more like pruno.

  5. I bet Martha makes her own bongs out of recycled plastic bags.

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